My Camp Thailand Experience - 6th -27th April 2017

My Camp Thailand Experience - 6th -27th April 2017 - Rio Brooks

Before Camp

When i first heard about Camp Thailand, i was very excited about the possibility of visiting a new country and being able to "find my feet" in Thailand without being on my own. However i was a little sceptical about booking my place on the program because i had never done anything like Camp Thailand before. I was scared that i was going alone and that i wouldn't know anybody, i was worried that i might not pass the TEFL and i was apprehensive about the whole experience. However, as soon as i booked it, i knew i had made the right decision. I received a lot of help and support from the Salford (Manchester) based office; they were there from the very start to support me, give me advice and answer all of my many questions that i had. This put me at ease.

When doing to TEFL coursework, James and the team where always just an email away to give me feedback and advice on my work and when i sent the work in, i always had a reply as to whether i had passed/failed the phase within a day (bearing in mind the time difference in our countries).

The Facebook group that was set up before camp with the other people that would be on the same intake as me allowed me do develop relationships with my group before we had even met each other, we were able to discuss things like what we were going to pack and our plans for after Camp Thailand together, which was added knowledge to help us all. The Facebook group made meeting up in Bangkok a lot more like a reunion of old friends rather than a daunting first meeting.


On the first night, we all went out to a restaurant for our 'Welcome Meal'. It was a great chance to get to know each other better and put names to faces. The food was delicious! And then came one our first real 'Thai Experiences' we ate bugs...
The bugs/scorpions where a great way for us to see what each other where really like and it was a great bonding experience cheering on your fellow campers to chomp down onto a crunch, dry insect... yum.

After the meal, we went exploring the local area including a little partying on Khao San Road and shopping at some nearby markets.

On the second day on Bangkok, those of us taking part in the "Bangkok Tour" started the day with a boat ride around Bangkok’s canals/river; this was a real eye-opener, and a great way to see the beautiful city.

We visited the Wat pho (reclining Buddha) and some other nearby temples - a great way to take in the culture and learn about Buddhism.

In the evening, we enjoyed a meal at the famous "Baiyoke Sky tower" which has breath taking 360° views of Bangkok. We watched the sunset and then took to the rotating balcony to take in the astonishing views.



Looking after the elephant was such a mesmerising experience. To be up close and personal with these magnificent mammals wassomething that I don’t know how to put into words. It was high up there in the best days of my life list. Here Are some photos of what I got up to with them..


My intake dates where over the Songkran period (Thai New Year). Songkran is celebrated with a 4 day long festival/huge water fight. On the first day of Songkran, we all loaded up with water guns and water balloons and we took to the streets to get involved with the fun.
We went to the I-Mobile stadium where there was a huge music festival. There was a foam party area, live music, lots of dancing and lots and lots of water. We partied and celebrated with the locals. In the evening we took the trucks and drove through the magnificent parade on the way to some local Buriram night clubs - where the water fight and partying continued.


Cambodia Trip

The Cambodia trip is a really good way to experience all a new country h to offer. The 4 days were absolutely jam packed with visits and fun activities. We went to Angkor Wat, the monkey temple, the night markets, Pub street (Make sure that you visit Angkor What Bar!!) the floating village, crocodile farm, lotus farm, killing fields memorial site and loads of other place along the way. I would defiantly o the trip again!

(More photos from my Camp Thailand experience.)