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CAMP THAILAND English Language Academy & CAMP THAILAND English Language Courses

CAMP THAILAND offers 2 distinct programs for students of English from around the world to learn English.

Program 1:  We operate a Camp Thailand English Academy at 3 locations in Thailand (Buriram, Cha-Am and Phuket).  This program receives individual learners and groups of English language learners from middle schools, high schools and universities from within Thailand and from countries throughout the world. Return airport pick up and drop off within Thailand, all placement testing, course materials, food, accommodation and fun and rewarding activities are included in this program alternative.

Program 2:  This program offers General and Specialised English Language courses at 3 locations in Thailand (Bangkok, Buriram and Phuket). As with Program 1 above, this program receives individual and group learners of English Language from within and outside Thailand but these learners choose to make their own independent accommodation arrangements, outside of our Campus environment.

Program 1: Camp Thailand English Language Academy for Global Citizens

Calling all international students of English–Come learn with us in Amazing Thailand, we promise, you’ll absolutely love this experience!

Locations: Phuket, Cha-Am and Buriram, Thailand
Contact:info@CampThailand.orgTel: +66927213578
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Our English Language Academy receives and prepares students of English from around the world to participate on the international platform by learning to express themselves, their needs, and negotiate meaning for a common goal. Our program is based on the National Standards for Foreign Language Teaching developed by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages along with 21st century skills as it applies to foreign language learning including, but not limited to Global Awareness, Multicultural Literacy, Critical Thinking and Civic and Social Responsibility. The standards for Teaching a Foreign Language in ASEAN member countries have also been integrated into the concept development of the program so as to support the English language learning goals for the ASEAN community of English learners it serves.

Proficiency in English is in demand as never before.

In many parts of the world and particularly in ASEAN member countries, the emphasis placed on English language learning has become of paramount importance. At the same time, it has become increasingly evident that students need more activity and stimulus in their lives. Add these two facts together and you have the founding philosophy behind our English Language Academy for Global Citizens. We aim to bring the best of both experiences to thousands of young people. We are focused on teaching English and providing fun and rewarding activities for the students to immerse themselves in. And we know how many other benefits accrue as a result - friendships, communications skills, teamwork, respect, cultural awareness, self-esteem and the pure joy of achievement.


Our English language instructors are trained to work with students whose abilities range from beginner right up to advanced level. When the students arrive at the camp they are given a short English language test to determine their current ability. Students are then placed into groups based on their level of English proficiency. The program is comprised of 17 modular levels, that build upon themselves, each of which consists of 30 hours of English language tuition and approximately 40 hours of diverse and fun activities that are designed to enhance and reinforce the individual students learning process. Each level is completed over a 2-week (14 nights and 15 days) period. Many students join us only for one level (2-week period) before returning home. Others, stay with us at one Camp Thailand location to complete two or more levels or travel to a different Camp Thailand location to complete one or more levels there. At the end of each level the students receive a certificate of successful completion for that level.

Parental Guide

My child's English is not very good – is that OK?
Some of our students have very limited English language skills but always learn quickly and have a great time on our camps. Our English Language Instructors and Camp Counselors are trained to work with students whose abilities range from beginner right up to advanced level. Last year, we hosted students with varying standards of English language skills, from more than 20 nations – all of whom interacted together to improve their communication skills in English.

Who will my child be learning English with?
When students arrive at the camp they are given a short English language test to determine their current ability. Students are then put into small groups (usually 8 - 12). This enables our staff to adapt the curriculum and the lessons to suit the ability level of all the students in the class.

How much English will my child learn?
Students spend 3-4 hours a day in a classroom or workshop environment working as part of a small group on grammar, comprehension and speaking in English. The lessons are designed to be fun and informative, with plenty of interaction between all the students as well as the teacher. All students will also be speaking English throughout the fun activity programs.

My child is shy and never travelled alone before, will he/she be able to benefit from this program?
Many of our camp participants have never left home before and they have a range of different personalities. Our Camp Counselors, Language Instructors and other support staff are well qualified and highly experienced in interacting with children of different nationalities and varying personalities. They are able to get the best out of everyone. We provide an exciting and challenging experience for the students that enables them to grow and they learn a lot about themselves and others.

How much activity time will he or she enjoy?
Our programs have been carefully developed to allow students to learn English for 2-3 hours in the morning without over studying and then engage in fun activities in the afternoon that are related to what they learned in the morning. In the evenings and on the weekends, there are always organized events for the students to join in on such as movie night or games night.

What is the accommodation like?
Most accommodation is based on four to six students sharing a room with two or three bunk beds. Each student has his/her own bed. Private rooms are available but we encourage sharing as this allows students to meet others and form friendships quickly.

What is the food like?
We have a restaurant offering Asian and Western food choices on site, that is prepared daily by our catering teams who are highly experienced in providing meals for active young people. Students will receive three meals a day with snacks available at other times. There will be a selection of nutritious food prepared daily. Students will learn the basics of nutrition from our staff and will be encouraged to eat and drink enough to meet their energy needs. Should the selection of food offered on a particular day not appeal to the student, don’t worry, the students are able to order popular food selections from our a la carte menu. An extra charge is associated with a la carte items.

What clothing does he or she need?
Students will need to bring suitable clothing and footwear as well as appropriate sports clothing. There is a laundry service on site, but we recommend that students bring enough clothing to last for the length of the course. Details of clothing needed for each Camp location will be provided.

Who will look after my child if he or she sick or injured?
We have a well-trained first aid team (both male and female) who are available at all times. We have physical therapists and doctors nearby and 24/7 access to emergency medical facilities. If any student shows signs of illness or serious injury, they will be immediately referred for medical care from the local doctors (during the day) or from the local hospital (at night and in emergency). We have strict medical protocols in place. Students will be well looked after.

My child needs to take medication regularly, who will supervise this?
You will need to declare the medication, dosage required and the underlying medical condition to us. Your child will need to present us with the medication he/she needs and we will then dispense that medication to him/her according to your instructions.

How much pocket money should be brought?
This is entirely up to the student and their parent/guardian. All food, accommodation and excursions are covered in the course fee, although students may wish to bring some money for shopping, souvenirs and extra drinks/snacks or a la carte food items. Around $100 per week is a guideline figure.

Can I store my money/valuables somewhere safe?
The bedrooms are equipped with storage lockers and each student will be provided with a key to his/her own locker. Please note that we are not liable for any items lost.

Are there any laundry facilities?
There is a laundry service on site that charges a small fee of 60 THB per kilo to wash, dry and press your clothes.

Is there Internet/Wi-Fi available at the hotel?
Wi-Fi is available throughout the classrooms and accommodation.

Who can I contact in an emergency?
We will provide you with emergency contact numbers and mobile numbers that will be answered 24/7 by a member of staff on your child's course. We will also ask you for phone numbers so that we can contact you at any time

The following are included within the price of the camp.

Return Transportation from Bangkok or Phuket international airports to your respective Camp location

All accommodation and meals

All English language tuition, including course materials.

4 Excursions (Day at the Lake or Sea, Trip to an Ethical Elephant Sanctuary, Muay Thai Boxing Session and visit to Silk Village)

1 free group leader place per 20 students

The following are not included in the price of the Camp.


Any visa support letter fees

Any supplement fees such as unaccompanied minor airline fees

Any fees or costs incurred by the group leaders or the students and any other activities which are not defined above

Medical care and related costs

Cost of a la carte food items

Camp Prices

$995 USD (Approximately 34,000 THB) per person per 2-week (14 nights and 15 days) level

N.B. A 10% discount applies if you book two or more levels.

Contact:info@CampThailand.orgTel: +66927213578


Program 2: Camp Thailand English Language Course


Learn to Converse in English Like a Native English Speaker

We own and operate English Language Centers within Thailand (Bangkok, Buriram and Phuket) which are fully licensed by the Thai Ministry of Education. Our courses are tailor made to fit the specific needs of each client and student progress is monitored throughout the course. Our courses range in length from one week to two years.

Our fully-qualified Educational Consultants are native English speakers with advanced degrees. They are also certified English language instructors (TEFL/TESOL). These expert instructors go to great lengths to ensure special attention is given to the individual learning needs of each and every student. Their interactive educational style is enjoyable, effective and produces measurable results.


Our General English Course focuses on the four macro skills; Conversation, Listening, Reading and Writing. The course consists of 16 levels and each level is of 30 hours duration. Students are given an English Language ability test to determine which level they are initially placed into.


For non-native English language speakers who are looking to enroll in U.K, U.S. or Australian colleges and universities we offer TOEFL. TOEIC and IELTS courses.



This course is designed for non-native English speaking students wanting to enroll in U.K, U.S. or Australian colleges and universities and for non-native English speaking people applying for positions in corporations and organisations requiring proficiency in English.


This course is designed for employees engaged in the Travel and Tourism industry who need to improve their English communication skills. It is also suited to students intending to make a career in this industry.


This course is designed for managers and staff of resorts and hotels who need to improve their English communication skills. By the end of this course participants will be speaking with confidence and without fear of making mistakes.


When faced with the task of writing in English many people suffer from stress, fear of making mistakes and the inevitable miscommunication leading to delays and costly errors. This course solves these problems. You will learn how to write effective and clear emails, memos, faxes and letters. You will also learn how to respond to written requests and complaint.


Many employees simply do not have the time or flexibility to attend a regularly scheduled course. This course affords them that flexibility and provides the opportunity to work with an English language coach one on one. The coach will design a course aimed at specifically improving upon and correcting areas of weakness. For example, some people may need help with listening, others may need help with pronunciation. The coach will address these problems and after the course is complete the coach will be available to help in the role as a mentor.


We also offer a series of Business Training Programs aimed at increasing corporate Profitability and efficiency by elevating employee proficiency and morale.


One lost customer may cost a thousand baht or over a million baht: whichever type your customer might be, why not enroll your team on this program which shows them how to deliver professional customer service and give your company an advantage over the competition. Our approach combines use of language with the techniques of superior customer service which will help your team deliver high satisfaction to your customers.


If you and your team members need to sell in English, then "Sales Maximisation" will help them gain confidence and mastery in the various parts of the sale. From creating rapport to probing for needs, to handling objections and then closing, this program is essential if you would like your sales team to boost their effectiveness.


Would you like to improve your team's ability to socialise, network, and identify business opportunities? Do your colleagues regularly interact, work with or sell to foreign clients?
High-Impact Socialising is a must-have for anyone who finds themselves in the situations described above. On this program, participants gain extensive practice in the most common areas of social use, ensuring that their business engagements will always be full of confidence.


1 Week Program - $495 USD (approximately 16,900 THB)p.w
Subsequent weeks- $425 USD (approximately 14,500 THB)p.w.

What’s Included:

•30 hours of tuition for the week
• All teaching materials
• Placement Test
• Certificate of completion

For more information about EP8 Email: Philip@CampThailand.org