EP7 Elephant Refuge


The Elephant Refuge Camp & Education Centre is a sanctuary located about 160 kilometres south west of Bangkok on monastery grounds that are part of a large Wildlife Rescue Centre, and it’s the perfect place to volunteer abroad with elephants. Nearby forests give our captive elephants the chance to roam around in their “original, natural” habitat. They spend from late afternoon until early morning on their own in the forest enabling them to display natural behaviour and to forage for themselves for food.

Thailand is home to both wild and domesticated populations of the Asian elephants. A domestic elephant is one who has been captured in the wild and tamed to live and work with a mahout (elephant keeper).

Today, Thailand’s wild population of elephants are struggling for survival. The nearby mountain forests are primary forest and in the valleys and lowlands, secondary forest. The wild elephants of Thailand (of which we estimate, there are only around 2000 left) live in open grass fields and dense rainforests all over the country. Historically, domestic elephants have been used mainly in the logging industry, ironically and unwillingly helping to destroy the very habitat they need to survive.

After the ban on logging, most of these elephants have ended up being used for the tourism industry or have had to make a living begging on the streets of big cities. Walking day and night on these dirty and traffic congested streets is dangerous and unhealthy and very often, these elephants end up being involved in horrific traffic accidents. Regrettably, in Thailand, there are no laws to prevent this abuse and mistreatment, therefore there is an urgent need to help these animals.

This is where our volunteers come in. When volunteering with elephants, you will be taught everything you need to know about the care of these magnificent animals. You will work hands-on with the elephants, washing them, feeding them during the day, going out to collect food for them, taking them into our beautiful lake to swim and cleaning their enclosure. The financial contribution you make to the centre supports the costs of caring for the elephants and for your food and accommodation.

The accommodation is in basic bungalows within the wildlife centre. Each bungalow has its own (European style) toilet and shower and are mainly either two or three bedded. There is a large kitchen within the main volunteer house for making breakfast and hot drinks. Lunch and dinner is cooked for you. The volunteer house has a large seating area and TV and DVD player for the evenings.   You must have a positive attitude towards group living and teamwork.   Your stay at the centre will be basic and you will be expected to help with housework duties and keeping the volunteer house clean and tidy.

In order to become an elephant volunteer with us you need to fulfill the following criteria:

You must be in good physical condition and be able to tolerate a hot and humid climate

You must be able to speak English.

You must be 18 years old or over.

A positive and practical attitude towards animal welfare and wildlife conservation is a must.

We accept volunteers all year round, so please help us at this wildlife sanctuary.

We provide a place that is as safe and as close to nature as possible for these animals that have been exploited and abused for human gain.

At our sanctuary the animals, who are house in large enclosures or live on large islands include gibbons, macaques, sun bears, Asiatic black bears, a tiger, a crocodile, civets and many others.    Most of these animals have been previously kept as pets or tourist props.

Volunteers are needed here to keep the sanctuary going on a day to day basis.   We aim to provide the best care for these animals, and your duties will include feeding, cleaning, maintenance work, building new enclosures and providing enrichments for the animals.

Short and long-term volunteering stays are possible; we require for people to stay a minimum of one (1) week.

Prices to volunteer with WFFT are:
One week participation 375 euros
Two weeks participation 595 euros
Three weeks participation 795 euros
Four weeks participation 995 euros
Five weeks participation 1195 euros
Six weeks participation 1395 euros
Above Six weeks participation  200 euros
(per extra week)

Please RSVP if you would like to reserve a place on the tour to Philip@CampThailand.co.th   and we will invoice you for your 20% Deposit.

Website: www.CampThailand.co.th

Email: Philip@CampThailand.co.th 

Telephone: +66927213578 If calling from outside Thailand

0927213578 If calling from within Thailand