Ana-Paola-Rueda-AguilarAna Paola Rueda Aguilar

Intake July – August 2016


Hi, my name is Pao and I´m a teacher from Mexico. Ever since I first read about the Camp Thailand program I wanted to do it because everything looked so awesome and in fact, it turned out to be more than awesome!. An added bonus was that through the program I was able to earn my internationally accredited TEFL/TESOL certification which now enables me to Teach English not just in Mexico but throughout the world.


In my personal experience, all of the Camp Thailand reps and the Thai staff were so friendly that you couldn’t believe it. Teaching English in Thai schools wasn’t that hard because the students respect the teachers and that makes teaching very easy because they pay attention all the time and I think that the most incredible thing is that they actually learned from me because they really wanted to, and not just because it’s just another class, if you know what I mean.Ana-Paola-Rueda-Aguilar-and-friends

Ps: If you want to bring them sweets and educational materials they will love you, they really loved me ¡¡¡

You also need to know that the kids love taking pictures with you so you will feel like a Hollywood super star¡¡





But wait … not all of it is teaching, at Camp Thailand there are a lot of things to do. For example, in your free time you can explore the local temples or if you want to experience more, as I did, you can go to a National Park which is an UNESCO World Heritage Site and it is soooo amazing and you can swim in the water falls and feel like Rambo. I mean you can do whatever you want to do, my friends and I decided to go there and it was amazing.




At the beginning of the journey I was scared that I wouldn’t have friends but I actually have a lot and I found my other half there. I now have 9 new friends and all of us remain in touch and will have a reunion next year. I 100% recommend the Cambodia Tour it is just awesome and if you have the chance to meet and get to know Nana you will have an amazing time there, all the Cambodia staff are really nice and helpful but Nana, he is the main man ¡¡¡

If you have a chance to do the Cambodia tour the most important thing to remember is… just do it and go and enjoy this incredible trip, I took the chance and this was the trip of my life, because I found even more new friends with such different cultural backgrounds and that´s how you realize that no matter what your skin color, language, religion or customs and traditions, we are the same but it’s up to you if you really want to have that diverse experience or if you just want to make friends with people that speak the same language and come from the same background as yourself.






If you like spicy food try the papaya salad!!

I will definitely be going back to Camp Thailand next year!

Ana Paola Rueda Aguilar
Intake July – August 2016