Thailand – The Land of a Thousand Smiles.

List the virtues of your ideal travel destination and you will likely come up with some of the following:

Safe environment; Smiling, happy and kind people; Rich and diverse culture; Warm and sunny weather; Comfortable accommodations; Delicious fresh and inexpensive food; Ridiculously inexpensive; Exciting and unique experiences; Fun activities; Cultural adventure; Clean and Hygienic: Excellent and cheap medical care; Variety of shopping opportunities; Nightlife and parties; Many festivals; Stunning natural Beauty; Exotic tropical Islands covered with coconut palm trees; White, powdery beaches; Spectacular mountains; Pristine waterfalls; Lush, green, jungles; Exotic wildlife; Heavenly retreats; Plethora of exploration choices; Opportunities to be of service to others, volunteer teaching in schools, orphanages or even hospitals; Opportunities to volunteer and work with Elephants at an Elephant Sanctuary or volunteer at a Wildlife Rescue Centre.

If you have never visited Thailand you are in for the treat of a lifetime! Thailand has an abundance of all of the above. You don’t need to take our word for it, ask a friend who has been to Thailand or visit our Facebook or Testimonial page and see what hundreds of Camp Thailand participants have to say about their Thailand experience. Thailand will change you and your life forever!