Programme Testimonials

Ana Paola Rueda Aguilar

Intake July – August 2016


Hi, my name is Pao and I´m a teacher from Mexico. Ever since I first read about the Camp Thailand program I wanted to do it because everything looked so awesome and in fact, it turned out to be more than awesome!. An added bonus was that through the program I was able to earn my internationally accredited TEFL/TESOL certification which now enables me to Teach English not just in Mexico but throughout the world. (more…)

My Camp Thailand Experience- January 2016 Intake – Siobhan Green, Australia


Camp Thailand was probably the best way I could have started 2016. No doubt about it! Now, no program that is bringing in people from all over the world is going to be perfect, and we had our hiccups, but that only added to the experiences. Camp Thailand brought me some of the most amazing people, and we shared some of the best experiences, all of which I will never forget. (more…)

Chloe Adie – May, 2016

My Camp Thailand Experience

Chloe Adie – May 2016

From the moment I booked onto the Camp Thailand programme I knew this was going to be one of the best decisions I’ll have made. It was now just a 7-month wait until my adventure was to begin. From the moment I applied to the programme the staff that were based here in Britain were extremely helpful; from replying to all my silly questions in emails to talking through the extended tours and life you will experience at camp. (more…)

Thomas Chudley – January, 2016

Thomas Chudley - January, 2016

My Camp Thailand Experience.

Thomas Chudley – January, 2016