Camp Buriram “The Authentic Thai Experience in the heart of Thailand” Isarn Region, in North East Thailand

Teaching English to local children in Buriram Provine; experience an overnight stay at the Project www.ElephantFreedom.me ethical Elephant Sanctuary program, working and caring for the elephants; Enjoy a visit to a real workingThai Silk Village and Silver village. Help to teach English and brighten the lives of the young children in local schools (If you have room in your back pack and you have friends that can donate educational books, games or toys, please bring them with you. The kids at the schools will be so amazingly happy to meet you but they have so little, your donation will make a huge difference); Help out in local temples and teach English to teenage monks. Partake in, Muay Thai boxing, Thai cooking classes and Thai language classes; Receive your TEFL/TESOL teaching certification at a blessing ceremony in a local temple performed by the monks. You can give back by participating in Camp Thailand’s rice donation program, and depending on what time of the year you come you will experience, planting, tending for, harvesting, milling, bagging and donating rice to the monks.  You can make a four day, 3-night excursion to Cambodia and take in Angkor Watt, the 7th Wonder of the World. An additional charge is applicable for the Cambodia trip.

At the end of your 3-week intake, depending on your time and budget, rather than flying back home you can extend your stay with us by choosing to participate in a week-long Elephant Freedom project or a week long island hopping tour. An additional fee applies for both of these special elective programs.


Day 1: Thurs: Pick Up at 2 p.m. from Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi international airport
Days 2 & 3: Friday: Bangkok Sightseeing – Saturday: Train or coach to Camp B
Day 4: Day Trip to Surin Lake
Day 5: Program Orientation + TEFL/TESOL Training #1 + Thai Lesson #1
Days 6, 7 & 8: Teaching English at English Camps at Thai Schools
Day 9: Volunteer at the Elephant Freedom Program (www.ElephantFreedom.me) with an overnight stay
Day 10: Half day optional teaching in the morning to local children in the community
Day 11: Free day for you to do as you please
Day 12: TEFL/TESOL Training #2 + Thai Language Lesson #2
Days 13 & 14: Teaching English at English Camps at Thai Schools
Day 15: Excursion to Silk Village and Thai cooking demonstration
Day 16: Graduation Party and Sky Lantern lighting at Krasang Lake
Day 17: Teach in the morning (Optional) before travelling to the island of Koh Samet
Days 18, 19, 20 & 21: Experience living island beach life, Thai style, on Koh Samet
Day 22: Last day of the programme. Travel back to Suvarnabhumi airport (If not participating in Camp Thailand’s Island Hopping Tour or Elephant Freedom Program)
Days 23 – 28: Camp Thailand’s optional Island Hopping Tour or Elephant Freedom Program
Days 14 – 17: Camp Thailand’s optional Cambodia Tour

2018, Camp Buriram Program Dates

11th January – 31st January

01st February – 21st February

22nd February – 14th March

15th March – 04th April

05th April – 25th April (Songkran Festival 12,13,14 and 15 April)

10th May – 30th May

31st May - 20th June

21st June - 11th July

12th July – 01st August

02nd August – 22nd August

23rd August – 12th September

13th September – 03rd October

04th October – 24th October

25th October – 14th November

15th November – 05th December

Camp Thailand participants can choose to do either a week-long Elephant Conservation Program at Country Roads’ Elephant Freedom Program commencing at the conclusion of their intake date or a week-long Camp Thailand Island Hopping Tour, thereby extending their Camp Thailand experience to 4 weeks from 3 weeks.

For those Camp Thailand participants that wish to experience both the extra week-long Elephant Freedom Program and the week-long island- hopping tour, they would do the Camp Thailand Island-Hopping Tour at the end of their 3-week regular Camp Thailand intake and then participate in the week-long island-hopping tour and then do the week-long program at Country Roads’ Elephant Freedom Program, thereby extending their Camp Thailand experience to 5 weeks from 3 weeks.

For more information on the “Country Roads’ Elephant Freedom Program please visit www.ElephantFreedom.me

For more information on the Camp Thailand Island Hopping Tour click here. http://www.campthailand.co.th/index.php/explore-thailand-beyond/thailand-island-hopping-tour/

*All intakes for Camp Buriram are £699 or approximately $899 USD including £99 or approximately $125 USD deposit!