Camp Colombia

South America is well known for its beautiful and varied landscapes, its warm and loving people, its delicious cuisine and non-stop nightlife, and Colombia is the best example of all these characteristics. Once famous for drugs and violence the country has emerged in the last decade as an increasingly popular tourist destination, especially for those looking to avoid the mass crowds and commercial tourism found elsewhere.

If you have ever dreamt of walking through tropical jungles, visiting deserted tropical beaches where the sea is five distinctive colours and dancing the night away to infectious Latin and Caribbean rhythms then you’ll be amazed by what we have planned.

Our basic 18-day program is based on the Caribbean coast of Colombia, which enjoys hot weather all year round. During your stay you will enjoy 3 distinct city tours (Santa Marta, Barranquilla and Cartagena), a jungle trek, Colombia’s most beautiful beaches, tubing down a river, a visit to a coffee farm, a mud volcano and water park, as well as a party bus and a motorboat ride to Caribbean islands.

In addition to all the fun, exploration and wonderful memories you will also be able to participate in our volunteer programs teaching in local schools and helping and caring for animals.  By completing our on-line TEFL course (which is included in the price) and attending local schools you will be also receive a FREE 120 hour International TEFL certificate, which is often essential if you wish to work in Colombia or other countries as an English teacher.

If you are not planning to return home directly after the program has ended you can choose various other options including a homestay, an intensive Spanish course and 6-day trek to the Lost City (La Ciudad Perdida), a beach experience or a week on a Caribbean island, a week in an animal sanctuary and participating in extreme sports. Have you ever fancied learning to Salsa like a pro? Then we can arrange that for you too. See below for the dates of next year’s programs.



3rd June – 20th June

17th June – 27th June

24th June – 4th July

1st July – 18th July

15th July – 1st Aug

29th July – 15th Aug

12th Aug – 29th Aug

26th Aug – 12th Sept

Camp Colombia Costs

$1,445 USD (Approx. £1099)

Camp Colombia Itinerary & Overview

Day 1 Arrival at Camp -  Meet and greet at Barranquilla (Ernesto Cortez) International Airport.
Welcome dinner at camp in Santa Marta (2 hours from Baranquilla).
Day 2 Orientation and TEFL training session followed by a tour of the city.
Day3 A guided walk through the most famous and beautiful national park in Colombia and along some of South America’s most beautiful beaches.
Day 4 Teaching.
Day 5 Teaching.
Day 6 Teaching
Day 7 TEFL training followed by a visit to a water park in Barranquilla and have a tour of some of the top nighttime venues.
Day 8 Free day. There are various activities close to the accommodation including an aquarium, gold museum and historic buildings.
Day 9 Jungle adventure and visit to a wildlife preserve.
Day 10 TEFL training session followed by a trip to a local fishing village.
Day 11 Teaching.
Day 12 Teaching
Day 13 Teaching
Day 14 River Expedition, float serenely along a river through the jungle.
Day 15 We spend the day and night in a small coffee village
Day 16 Go to Colombia’s most beautiful city, Cartagena. Enjoy a tour, including lunch. Watch the sunset and
Day 17 Boat tour of Caribbean islands and visit a mud volcano.
Day 18 End of formal program. Drop-off at Barranquilla airport. Students begin any elective activities that they have chosen.


Monday Tuesday Weds Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
          Arrival in Santa Marta Orientation & TEFL. City Tour
Beach Activity, visit National Park Teaching Teaching Teaching TEFL. Barranquilla tour and water park Free day to explore. Jungle adventure / wildlife preserve
TEFL Training & Visit fishing village Teaching Teaching Teaching River expedition Stay in a coffee village Arrive in Cartagena (2 days). City tour.
Island tour and mud volcano Drop off at airport or bus station (Electives begin)        


Day 1 / Day 18 Arrival / Departure
Days 4 / 5 / 6 / 11 / 12 / 13 Teaching Practice
Days 2 / 7 / 10 TEFL Training
Day 3 Beach an National park guided walk
Day 2 / 7 / 16 City tours (Santa Marta / Barranquilla / Cartagena)
Day 7 Water park visit
Day 9 Jungle adventure
Day 10 Visit fishing village
Day 14 River Expedition
Day 15 Spend the night at a coffee village
Day 17 Island tour
Day 17 Mud Volcano