Camp Cha-Am Beach

Teaching English to local children at English Camps, and schools.. When not teaching you can kick back and chill out at the beach, participate in a bicycling tour, enjoy a water theme park, adventure, partake in Muay Thai boxing, Thai cooking classes, and visit a monkey temple and a real life fishing village. There are special event nights on Monday nights,  and a night market every Wednesday. You will also visit Thailand’s “Secret Garden”, the Suan Phueng district. Here you can  hike up a nine level waterfall and soak in natural hot-springs.


Day 1: Pick Up at 2 p.m. from Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi international airport
Days 2 & 3: Bangkok Sightseeing tour and  transportation to Cha Am
Day 4: Program Orientation. Cycling tour and Bar B Q
Day 5: TEFL/TESOL Training #1 + Thai Lesson #1
Days 6, 7 & 8: Teaching English at English Camps at Thai Schools
Days 9: Day Trip to Elephant and other Wildlife Sanctuary
Day 10: Day Trip to Hua Hin Beach and evening Beach Party
Day 11: Park Free Day to kick back and enjoy
Day 12: TEFL/TESOL Training #2 + Thai Language Lesson #2
Days 13 , 14 & 15: Teaching English at English Camps at Thai Schools
Day 16: Visit to a local orphanage and do activities with the children
Day 17: Excursion to a fabulous waterpark
Days 18 & 19: Travel to, and explore SuanPhueng
Day 20: Travel to Kanachaburi province for one more night of fun
Day 21: Last day of the program. Travel back to Suvarnabhumi airport  (If not participating in Camp Thailand’s Island Hopping Tour)

Days 22 – 28: Camp Thailand’s optional Island Hopping Tour

Days 22 – 28: Camp Thailand Elective week at Elephant Freedom Program

2018 CAMP CHA-AM Program Intake Dates

31st May - 20th June

21st June - 11th July

12th July – 01st August

02nd August – 22nd August

23rd August – 12th September

13th September – 03rd October

Camp Thailand participants can choose to do either a week-long Elephant Conservation Program at Country Roads’ Elephant Freedom Program commencing at the conclusion of their intake date or a week-long Camp Thailand Island Hopping Tour, thereby extending their Camp Thailand experience to 4 weeks from 3 weeks.

For those Camp Thailand participants that wish to experience both the extra week-long Elephant Freedom Program and the week-long island- hopping tour, they would do the Camp Thailand Island-Hopping Tour at the end of their 3-week regular Camp Thailand intake and then participate in the week-long island-hopping tour and then do the week-long program at Country Roads’ Elephant Freedom Program, thereby extending their Camp Thailand experience to 5 weeks from 3 weeks.

For more information on the “Country Roads’ Elephant Freedom Program please visit
For more information on the Camp Thailand Island Hopping Tour click here.

CAMP CHA-AM Program Intake Cost

“Investment in travel is an investment in yourself.” ~ Matthew Karsten

CAMP CHA-AM  single intake – £749 or approximately $969 USDincluding £99 or approximately $125 USD deposit!